Glitter Canvas: What's The Deal?

Our company only deals with the highest quality Glitter Canvas from London, which is produced and sold here in the UK by Touch Of Glass Prints.

Read below for a brief overview of the sparkly canvas products we currently provide. However, If you would prefer to jump straight In, we have provided a direct link to our Glitter Canvas Shop >

Glitter Canvases Are What Exactly?

Wall decorations, featuring sparkly pictures, glittering with vibrant colour, and printed on quality Poly-Cotton canvas.

Glitter Canvases are our specialty, these are truly unique, and are stunning pieces of eye-catching sparkly wall art.

The Glitter Canvases can be personalised with your favourite photographs, before being hand-stretched over a pine frame and finished off with a sparkly coating of Diamond Dust. 

Besides choosing between the landscape, portrait, or square orientations, you can also mirror wrap the canvas edges or simply leave them their natural colour plain white.

Our past customers have enjoyed a wide variety of sparkly pictures on canvas, from photos of weddings, portraits of family members, pets, scenery, and new born babies to quotes, vehicles, and historical architecture, just to name a few. Ultimately, it is up to you, but since you can use almost any image you desire for the design of your canvas, you can come up with something that is personalised, truly original and uniquely yours!

glitter canvas

Sparkly Wall Art: Where Do The Sparkles Come From?

All of our sparkly wall art canvas pieces are crafted with extreme attention to detail and precision. We keep our printing and Sparkly Wall Art materials high-quality, and our frames are beautifully finished. Our affordability does not come at the expense of quality. During production, we use a product that gives the surface of the canvas an attractive texture and distinctive sparkle, which is not usually found in mainstream glitter products. 

This process involves coating the canvas in a surface layer of glass flakes that produce a sparkle and glistening effect reminiscent of diamonds. This product is quite unique from its competitors in that it's sparkles are created by tiny glass flakes. Because it consists of tiny pieces of glass flake, it appears bright and glittery.

Furthermore, because this product catches and reflects light, producing a dazzling, lustrous effect, the product is often called Diamond Dust. When viewed on a canvas printed with a photograph it gives off such an entrancing sparkle.

Add Sparkle To Focal Points With Diamond Dust

Use Sparkly Wall Art made with Diamond Dust for amazing sparkle and glitz throughout your home or business, such as in waiting rooms, offices, and conference rooms. During the evening, when the lights are dimmed and other artificial sources of illumination are present, Diamond Dust looks as beautiful as it does when it is seen shining and sparkling under natural sunlight.

It is currently possible to create Glitter Canvases in seventeen different sizes, ranging in measurements from 15 x 15 cm up to 101 x 76 cm. Our wide range of products enables our customers to add a touch of elegance and sparkle to their décor and surroundings in order to enhance, energise, and breathe new life into them.

Sparkly Canvas: Make Your Photos Stand Out!

Sparkly Canvas will make your photos stand out. Photos take us back in time and show us our past, present, and future. Without the photos that capture memories, a culture's history, and the people and places that create who we are, we would not be able to experience those people, places, and things, as many of them exist only in photographs. Our lives have been shaped by photos since they were invented, helping us to preserve a moment by capturing it on film with the hope of preserving it for future generations. 

Anytime you describe a person or a place to someone without an image, it fails to capture the same level of meaning. Since we value your feelings, thoughts, and appreciation of a beautiful, nostalgic picture, we're delighted to provide a Glitter Canvas for you to showcase your memories. You can create lasting memories with Glitter Canvas prints, and make your home or workplace more personal.

Sparkly Pictures Reign Supreme In Our World Of Wall Art Gifts!

Gift Ideas your recipients will love, no other custom gifting option comes close to these gorgeous Sparkly Pictures they are the perfect gift for friends and family or significant other. They make for a beautiful and thoughtful gift that is unlike anything they will have received before. Displaying a photo that perfectly captures a precious moment, occasion, or event is a great way to showcase and display photos. Photos you take reflect your personality, illustrating what makes you unique and special. 

We make it incredibly easy for you to add a touch of sparkle to your next photo canvas print with Touch Of Glass Prints. Choosing and purchasing Sparkly Pictures In our Glitter Canvas Shop is so simple and easy. Complete the purchase of the canvas you wish to own, upload your favourite photographs, sit back, relax, and we'll do the rest for you. Don't miss out on this opportunity! We promise that you will be pleased with the results and won't regret it!

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Your original photos are a keepsake to be treasured and displayed forever, presenting memories of a lifetime. We invite you to explore our site further, Come and take a sneak peek at our sparkly wall art, watch the video of the Glitter Canvas, see what our customers have to say, learn about all the other product options, and get a much better idea about what sets our products and us apart as a company by clicking on Glitter Canvas & Our Information >