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Picture Quality Check

We offer a variety of sizes for Glitter Canvases and some images can be printed on larger sizes, while others cannot and will need to be printed on smaller sizes. How can I tell if my photo will look good on a particular size Glitter Canvas?

In order to figure out the best resolution for a Glitter Canvas print, you need to know the dpi resolution and the pixel dimensions, but that's the short answer. For a more in-depth explanation, please read our blog article entitled How to upload your photos for printing to canvas. I often see photos that my customers love, but which do not have the right resolution for the size of Glitter Canvas they want. It might end up being a blurry disappointment if they press ahead with their print. We can check your photographs for free before you purchase at Touch Of Glass Prints, so you don't have to worry about any of this. Your photos will be quality checked and then your results will be emailed to you during regular business hours! To get started is simple all you have to do is click on our Picture Quality Check >

Thanks to technology, there is virtually no chance that your photo will be too small for even the smallest Glitter Canvas!

Father Son Selfie

Most of the pictures we receive today, even casual ones, have a good enough resolution simply because smartphones cameras are on par with their equivalent conventional cameras. To conclude, it's never a bad idea to use the best photography equipment you have access to whenever you want to capture special moments.