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To convince you of the awesomeness of gift cards!

There are many people who claim that gift cards are unoriginal and unthoughtful gifts, so they are not always welcomed. Other people, however, find that gift cards are a great gift for just about any occasion! Here are a few reasons why they are the perfect gift. Although gift cards aren't physical gifts, they still convey the message that the recipient is special to you and that you are thinking of them. So it's their ideal gift because it's the gift they've always wanted.

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The perfect gift for any occasion

A gift card is a great choice for any occasion - birthdays, anniversaries, or just because you want to! Everyone loves receiving gifts. It allows them to choose exactly what they want! The Glitter Canvas gift card is the perfect

gift for any artist, photographer,

collector, interior decorator, or anyone who loves stunning pictures,

so give it to them today!

They're loved by finicky individuals

A gift card is the perfect gift for someone who is finicky and has specific tastes. Gift cards provide them with the freedom to get what they want since they're too picky for gifts. The moment you give someone a gift card, they'll always smile no matter what, so you don't have to worry about them not liking their gift.

To make the experience even more personalised, you can give them a gift card so they can choose their own photo instead of you choosing one for them!

The Amount Is Up To You

Creating a gift card that has the actual amount you want for the recipient means even if you're on a budget, you can get them something special that won't break the bank. Ideally, you'd like to give them a gift that they'd truly enjoy, so once you have an idea what they'd like from the Glitter Canvas Shop, you'll know how much to give them.

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Gift Cards by Touch Of Glass Prints

£20 - £250
A gift card is a smart choice. Choose an amount and put your personal touch on this gift card by writing your own personalised message!...

I want to buy a gift card. What should I do?

Payment is as simple as selecting an amount, entering a recipient's contact information, and paying. Your purchase will be confirmed by email after you complete the checkout process.


Where do recipients get their gift cards?

Gift card recipients receive an email with the subject line "You just got a gift card from John Smith" (with the correct name). In the email they will find their unique gift card number.


At checkout, how do recipients redeem gift cards?

In order to redeem the card, the recipient visits Touch Of Glass Prints and finds items to buy. To redeem their unique gift card code, they select the Redeem a gift card option during payment. 

Next time you're unsure what to pick up for a loved one, order a gift card and they can choose a Glitter Canvas of their choice!