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In addition to simply hanging Glitter Canvases on the wall, here are some creative ways to display and showcase them!

When selecting a picture, think about your personal décor. you may wish to consider creating a Glitter Canvas feature, which mixes several photos of a specific theme. Displaying photos taken on your travels or when celebrating special occasions throughout your life could be a great way to show off your memories and give your space lots of personality. Wouldn't it be great to brighten your hallway with a number of glitter canvas prints displaying images taken at various family events, like weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays? The touches that you simply add to your home will add a special touch and can bring back some fond memories for everybody that visits. On the other hand, you may choose to collect pictures of the landscapes you've encountered during your many holidays and travels abroad. what number of great landscapes have you seen on your travels? Travel walls can both serve as a way to savour your travel memories and be an occasion to speak about them. The "rule of three" is a vital concept that you should keep in mind when hanging Glitter Canvas, because if three items are grouped together, a very stylish effect is created. A horizontal or vertical arrangement of a few photos in the same size on Glitter Canvas can function as an eye-catching centrepiece in your room. the concept of getting three images with similar themes but distinct images within them would be great, or even breaking apart one image into three would be even better. rather than having one large family portrait, why not split it into three different sections, with each section displaying a unique group of people? The 'rule of three' can be hung on a prominent wall to achieve the same effect, but hanging Glitter Canvas in inconspicuous places lends an equally strong impact. a small canvas in the Lite-option may be inserted over a doorway or on the side of stairs when space is restricted. Adding a fresh design to your interior can enhance its appearance. Introducing Glitter Canvas into unexpected areas of the home creates visual interest and adds colour to plain areas like walls, panelling, stairs, and more - just take care not to make clutter in the process! finally, you may prefer to use some painted canvasses alongside your photo-printed Glitter Canvases to make a creative effect. Furthermore, you don't have to be particularly creative in choosing your canvas; a canvas painted a single colour, like turquoise, will look lovely next to a Glitter Canvas of you and your partner swimming in a tropical sea. Both Glitter Canvases and painted canvases are often unified by a typical theme - this time, colour. Balance your chosen photo with a vibrant painting to make a snug, inviting ambiance in your home. 

The arranging of your photos on canvas in your home can be done in many ways. You needn't limit yourself to these styles of arrangements If you're feeling more creative; you'll be able to use them as a springboard for creating an imaginative design that shows off your own unique style.


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