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What about Glitter Canvases - Montage Design as gifts?

Did you know that It Is possible to create an amazing sparkly image In black & white using a collection of pictures you already have? Well you can, they're called Glitter Canvases Black & White Montages. A photo collage is made by putting together up to seventy two pictures you love. We then combine them in a way that results in a beautiful photo collage on Glitter Canvas. This is an excellent idea, and the best part is that it's simple to put together! Glitter Canvas Black & White Montage prints can be created by Touch Of Glass Prints! Taking advantage of our services does not require you to be an expert in Photoshop; once you upload your images, we can do it for you. The photo montages are a neat technique and they look amazing with the sparkling Diamond Dust in any room or setting.

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A Glitter Canvas - Montage Is the perfect gift for everyone:

Please see below for some gift Ideas and Inspiration on creating a Glitter Canvas - Montage by Touch Of Glass Prints.

A gift for an anniversary:

Make a Glitter Canvas - Montage using images that embody the couple's love to make it more personal. Add photos of the couple over time as a heartfelt gift of love to the couple! Give them a gift they will be proud to show off - a treasure they will cherish forever. You will never find another gift like it! 

The perfect birthday gifts:

Think of a birthday celebration where you could give the birthday boy or girl a Glitter Canvas with a photo montage of pictures that will remind them of all the wonderful times they've experienced. As they see all the smaller photos that went into creating the collage, it is like receiving a gift that never ends.

Gift for the bride and groom:

Get the couple something they'll cherish for all their lives by getting them a Glitter Canvas Black & White Montage print created from all their pictures taken before they got wed to create one large one. This gift is sure to delight them!

Last but not least!

You could always treat yourself and create your own montage! Before we print your Glitter Canvas Photo Montage, we send it to you for approval. We have a very simple ordering process. Simply upload the photos here once you've placed your order. Let us create your draft preview while you relax.  You will receive a proof for approval by email once we have completed your montage. You are free to change it again if you want to. Following your approval of the final proof, the printing process will begin. 

Feel free to contact us for any additional information or assistance required.

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