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Glitter Canvases - New Born

Here you can find our Glitter Canvases - Newborn. What a wonderful way to showcase a sweet newborn! Diamond Dust gives it a magical sparkly touch!

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glitter canvas of newborn girl

Newborn Boy

glitter canvas new born boy

Who knew a tiny tot could create such excitement?

It's a pure joy to welcome a newborn

There's nothing better than an adorable gift to commemorate the occasion. Keepsakes or custom gift ideas will always make an impression. Create cute and beautiful baby gifts to celebrate their arrival, or find a new mum gift idea to let her know she's doing an amazing job.

 As gifts or for new parents to purchase

Touch Of Glass Prints Glitter Canvases - Newborn is a great option. We have the perfect Sparkly Wall Art for you. We offer individualisation for every unique baby gift. This allows you to add personal touches such as the baby's name, birth date, and a photo. This is topped off with Diamond Dust Glitter so your gift truly stands out from the rest.

A truly memorable gift or purchase awaits you

Aside from the Newborn collection you could also use the Glitter Canvases - Photo Prints for 1 big picture of your baby! Custom Glitter Canvas prints are a gorgeous way to celebrate the birth of a little one. You'll have no problem finding thoughtful gifts that will be appreciated by proud parents and their little ones for years to come!

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