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Glitter Canvases - Old Photos

Looking for a company that will scan your photo, & make a Glitter Canvas out of it with Diamond Dust? You've come to the right place. Touch Of Glass Prints, are able to provide this service to our customers.

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Printing old photos on Glitter Canvas

It is a myth that only digital photos can be printed on large Glitter Canvas. A canvas can be made easily from any picture regardless of its age! So more old and rarely used photographs can be turned into stunning canvas prints that would otherwise be stuffed away in a box or a family album. Our company specialises in transferring photos from your old albums onto Glitter Canvas and we have now made this service available online for all our customers to benefit from.

The world isn't all digital

A Glitter Canvas print of a beloved old photo is a lovely gift for those without much experience with the digital age. They can relive some of their fondest memories by using these old photos, which otherwise would be hidden away in an otherwise aging album. In today's world, family memories can span decades, or even centuries, and not everything is digital, which is why we are looking to help you transform old family photos into Glitter Canvas prints to share your memories. Plus, none of the work is your responsibility! Send us your photo and we will do the rest.

 We specialise in restoring old photographs, scanning them, and using them to print Glitter Canvases!

Our digital imaging services can turn your photo into an attractive Glitter Canvas print for display anywhere and everywhere. By adding a few filters we can even improve the quality of the old photograph. The scanned pictures will have a higher resolution than the original photos, ensuring that the pictures preserve all the details while remaining crisp and clear. The image will be enhanced for printing after any surface scratches and dust have been removed digitally.

We will retouch the colour, boost the contrast and sharpen the image, and remove any defects.

Nowadays, it is easy to find canvas printing companies online

Typically, most are only able to make canvas prints from digital images. The reason for this is simply that it takes a long time to scan old photos and transfer them to canvas and the photo restoration process is quite challenging. There is more to this than a simple scan and print operation. Old photos usually have some kind of blemish on them, which will need to be removed in the studio. This can take a long time to fix.  

Our guide below offers an overview of the typical steps involved in restoring your old photos to Glitter Canvas.

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Ordering old pictures on Glitter Canvas - is so easy to do!
Family Photos in B&W
  • You can place your order by using this link for Glitter Canvases - Old Photo Prints and we will email you an invoice with details for you to include with the original photo. Please note this service is for a standard 4" x 6" photograph.

  • Send your photo to us, (our details can be found below) with the order number from your invoice.

      (Please send recorded Delivery and Include your email, name, address and telephone number)​

  • After scanning and repairing your photograph, we will email you a draft proof, and once you approve it, it will be printed, framed, Diamond Dust applied, and prepared for delivering back to you.

  • Once the glitter canvas and the original photo are with the courier, we will email you to notify you that your order is on its way safely back to you.

Simple as that, below is an excellent example of a reworked old photograph

for use as a Glitter Canvas print.

old photo damaged

Click on the images to see them in a larger size. As small images, it is more difficult to see details and damage. Originally taken around 1970. The original had extensive damage, undergone fading over time, and had severe cracks on the bottom right.

As you can see on the right (below for mobiles), the photo has been enhanced so it looks just like the day it was taken. The results are fantastic,

as you can see.  

Personalised Glitter Canvas

prints of old photographs

Touch Of Glass Prints restoration. Using our scanning and printing services, we can scan, print, and send you a beautiful Glitter Canvas print

for as little as £35.00

Glitter Canvases - Old Photo Prints

old photo restored

So If you are ready to purchase please click on the link above. If you need some more inspiration read on for the benefits and reasons why these make a fantastic gift that you really should buy! 

B&W Photo of a Couple