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This page features our Glitter Canvases - Photo, but please take a moment afterwards to look at the rest of our Glitter Canvas range that we currently have available - you will find links at the bottom of the page or in the menu above.

Choose from a variety of canvas sizes to create your own unique Glitter Canvas, featuring a photo of your choice and a dash of sparkling Diamond Dust. At present, Touch Of Glass Prints offers 17 high quality canvases, with dimensions varying between 15 x 15 cm and 101 x 76 cm, all of which are oriented in either Square, Portrait, or Landscape. There are two options for frame thickness, 1.8 cm with the Lite-option, or 3.8 cm with the Classic option. Choosing from two options for the edges of your canvas, you may choose White Edges, your photo will be printed only on the face of the canvas leaving the edges white, or by selecting the Mirror Wrap option, The mirrored effect is achieved by copying and flipping the outer edges of the image, based on the thickness of the stretcher bars. Allowing for everything to be preserved as we are actually adding this detail to your final image when we mirror and replicate the margins of your photo. In the end, the look is simple, yet stylish, keeping your original image prominent.

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You can then choose your preference from either the portrait, landscape or Square orientations plus you will be able to see all of the other Glitter Canvas options and sizes that are available to you. Once your purchases are completed simply send us your chosen original unedited photographs using the Upload Images page and await the delivery of your draft approval email.

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