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If you are looking for a cost effective and different way to update your walls, then Glitter Canvases - Split Design are the way to go, as they simply divide your favourite image across a variety of canvas panels. We think they're an excellent alternative to the Glitter Canvases - Photo Prints because their sizing gives you more options for which images you can include. Nonetheless, the product features the same magic as the Glitter Canvas - Photo Prints. They turn your walls into sparkling eye-catching works of art, adding a touch of personality to your walls. Let me give a quick overview of split canvas prints in case you are unfamiliar with what they are.

This is what they are:

The concept behind split canvas printing, commonly known as panel printing, is that one image or idea can be divided into smaller pieces instead of being printed on a single piece of canvas. In a particular order, they are placed side by side. Canvas split prints typically have a larger size than standard canvas prints. These are in high demand because they provide an attractive feature piece for a bedroom or living room. To be clear, the picture you choose doesn't appear in a duplicate on all the split canvases. Instead, the photo of your choice is transferred to the several canvas pieces and combined with each other into one larger picture. So, we are able to create a new look, one that has a profound effect because the art piece flows across the entire wall.

It works like this:

Touch Of Glass Prints offers three types of split canvas over nine layouts and sizes. "Triptych" refers to a work with three parts. Tetraptychs or quadriptychs have four parts; pentaptychs contain five parts. It is as simple as uploading an image and we'll do the rest so that everything looks good! We'll make sure all the finishes, colours, and qualities are to the highest standards to deliver an outstanding personalised sparkling split canvas.

glitter canvases -split prints-Triptych


glitter canvases -split prints-Tetraptych


glitter canvases -split prints-Pentaptych


Why are Glitter Canvases - Split Prints a great choice for home and office?

The versatile Glitter Canvases - Split Prints, are ideal for displaying a large image without it overwhelming the space. Aside from their versatility being able to be used at home and in the office, split canvas are some of the most impressive artworks on the planet. Listed below you can see how to order in eight simple steps plus more reasons you should install Glitter Canvases - Split Prints at your home or office but if you prefer click the link below to get started straight away. 

What is needed to create Glitter Canvases - Split Prints?

There are two things you need to create beautiful Glitter Canvases - Split Prints. (1) A Photograph of High Quality (more information here) (2) Five minutes of your time to purchase a set and upload your photo! 

Glitter Canvases - Split Prints are easy to order online, just upload your photo, and we will send you a proof for approval.

They are most effective way of displaying large images, without consuming the entire room in the same way as a full canvas does. Three, four, and five split canvas sets are available with nine different sets, so no matter where you’re planning to put your Glitter Canvases - Split Prints, they will look perfect on the wall.

Easily Create Glitter Canvases - Split Prints in Just 8 Easy Steps

1) Click on the Glitter Canvases - Split Prints to the right (for phones it's above)

2) Choose the colour option
3) frame thickness of your split canvas
4) Choose the set you require
5) Click on Buy Now and follow the process
6) Select the photo you want to be printed on canvas
7) Upload your photograph via the upload page in the menu above
8) Within office hours, we will send you an email with a proof for approval. If you would like any changes made, now is the time to let us know by simply replying to the email. Once you have approved the layout, we will begin creating your Glitter Canvases - Split Prints, wrap, and deliver them to your home!

All you have to do now is decide how and where to place them. It's really that simple!

Our process is the same regardless of which set you want to create!

Discover how to create beautiful Glitter Canvases - Split Prints in our complete guide below

Which photographs can I put on Glitter Canvases - Split Prints?

Anything goes! Getting creative with Glitter Canvases - Split Prints is totally up to you. You can do it however you like but some look better than others. You may find these tips helpful in choosing one:

The Best Images to Use on Your Glitter Canvases - Split Prints Tips & Ideas

Fine art prints, pictures of cityscapes, art prints featuring abstract images, landscapes, close-up views of nature (wildlife or plants etc.) Any other ideas you might have!

Whether you're decorating your home or office, these Glitter Canvases - Split Prints are the perfect choice. Photographs taken on holidays or during trips out of town are the most popular photos we tend to see at Touch Of Glass Prints being used on our Glitter Canvases - Split Prints. Ideally, you should go with a landscape orientated shot, which can take place anywhere, but a pic taken on a beach or in a splendid location is a great choice. Landscape photos look more appealing when they are divided into canvases. As a general rule, we don't use portrait orientated photos as they are the wrong aspect ratio. In certain cases, a multi-part canvas can be a bit harsh and distracting when taking shots with a lot of people, the flow between the canvases can sometimes be lost as image details tend to be omitted, faces can be divided between canvases. For such a quite emotional and personal picture, we recommend going with a Glitter Canvas - Photo Print. Panoramas and landscapes work the best since they come in relatively large sizes that can easily be cut up into smaller pieces and then hung together for a coordinated appearance. Alternately, if you want to demonstrate your creative side, you can take pictures of your subject from various angles rather than opting for a panorama.

We live in a beautiful world thanks to art:

whether you want to display a memorable image as artwork in your home, office or simply enhance the elegance of your living room décor, the choice of art should always be carefully considered. The days of putting up regular canvas prints are gone. These days, people are more attracted to Glitter Canvas prints because they draw the eye more due to the sparkle and Splitting a large image into multiple different ones and creating an ultimate sparkling conversation piece for your living room or workplace is a great idea. The split canvas art technique is not a modern invention; rather, it's been used for several decades by artists. Hieronymus Bosch, an early Netherlandish master, who is credited with creating probably the most famous triptych to ever grace a museum. I'm referring to 'The Garden of Earthly Delights', a triptych painted in oil on oak around the mid-16th century. A world created in a way that no one had ever attempted before is depicted. Nevertheless, split canvas artwork is a popular trend now, it is possible to select something that matches your existing interior décor and you will find a number of such collections in our Glitter Canvas Shop.

How should I use Glitter Canvases - Split Prints?

Do not be afraid to concentrate most of your attention on one canvas in landscapes, cityscapes, or nature close-ups. Imagine an image with a flow of colours from canvas to canvas. A natural gradient looks good in images and you can make your wall more appealing by choosing an image that contrasts with the wall colour. Consider pictures that illustrate how you want that room to feel, perhaps a family picture in your living room, a tranquil landscape in your bedroom, and a bustling city scene in your dining room. Your wall's size and how you adjust the spacing between the multiple canvases will determine how effective they look. Depending on the effect you want to achieve and how much "flow" you want between the images, it is up to you how much space between images exists but try to keep them two to three inches apart, much more and the flow may be lost. For a better view of the artwork in the room, it is better to sustain the separation effect very creatively throughout the room. A lot depends on how big your canvas and what style you have chosen for your image. It is possible to hang some photographs a little further apart than others. However, when there is a break in the flow, it makes sense to move the canvases closer together. If your living room has a large wall that is empty, then Glitter Canvases - Split Prints are the perfect choice for sparkly eye-catching home décor. 

What You Should Know About Hanging Glitter Canvases - Split Prints

Your split canvas's spacing will affect how your image flows, as we discussed above. If they are closer together, the separation effect will be smaller. Make sure the photo looks balanced, and breathes life into the space. In order to make an impact, these Glitter Canvases - Split Prints should be hung at eye level. Ensure that the image is arranged in such a way that the space can balance the image. The majority of people hang these multi-panel canvases right above the sofa.

Here are some tips to help you decide how to hang your split canvas:

In scenarios where you are working with people, make sure the space between the canvases is small, especially if they are not clearly visible on one canvas. You can have bigger gaps before losing your sense of flow the bigger the canvas.

Make sure to measure the gap you desire carefully, and make sure that it's exactly the same on each side of your middle canvas. Whenever possible, hang your prints at eye level; if you're hanging your split prints over furniture you move or use frequently, leave at least 20cm of space between them and the wall.

It has an amazing sparkly decorative appeal:

Large Glitter Canvas artwork will add a beautiful decorative touch to your home or office walls. They capture the viewer's attention and compel them to reflect on the sparkles as they move around the canvases. If you choose photos with distinctive colour combinations, your environment will have a unique aesthetic. Creatively transitioning from one canvas to another, these artworks allow viewers to see the whole picture sparkling with Diamond Dust.

Split canvas prints are stunning wall coverings:

Whether you are a traditionalist or are looking to create a modern atmosphere in your living room, you can use these prints to make your walls pop. They attract the viewer’s eyes and are very light in weight, making Glitter Canvases - Split Prints an all-around great purchase. The Glitter Canvases - Split Prints is an excellent choice when it comes to adding some creative décor ideas to your home.

Before ordering your chosen set of split prints please see the following information regarding image quality and suitability!

What we recommend for you: 
The quality of the source file matters a lot when printing split canvases, and it is true for almost any other large print. Uploading the right quality photo is required to create the Glitter Canvases - Split Prints. Luckily since some mobile phones have quite high resolutions, even a photo taken on your phone can likely be printed on our Split Prints. Keeping a simple rule in mind and knowing the difference in resolution will help.

Poor quality in, poor quality out:

An old-fashioned rule that summarises the entire plan. Poor quality images will produce poor results when used as the starting point. It helps to start with a good image, and from there, we can go somewhere. In other words, the higher resolution you have, the better.

The Internet and Print:

Internet images usually have a resolution of 72dpi, while print images generally have a 300dpi resolution. Images on the web should be smaller so they can load quickly. Printing an image, on the other hand, requires a much higher resolution (and therefore a much larger file size) to recognise all the details. Pixelated images are more likely to appear on large canvases when the resolution is lower. We have a more in depth article on resolutions needed for our split prints you can read it here. For any additional assistance such as, wanting us to examine your photographs quality and suitability before ordering one of our Glitter Canvases - Split Print sets, please get in contact and we shall assist you further. As a customer, you can always expect an excellent level of service from us!

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