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Fishing photos on Glitter Canvas

The fishing scene in the UK is huge!

So we thought this would be a great time to share some tips for taking great fishing photos! It's useful to know some basics about fishing photography. A fishing photo is a great way to remember your trip on the water, and make it easier for those mates who couldn't join you. A photo of your catch is a long overdue reward for all the bait chasing, rigging, casting, and reeling back in you've done.

Stunning fishing photos on Glitter Canvas

Your photographs will certainly have some meaning to you if you enjoy fishing. It is a great stress-relieving activity that also helps you to connect with nature in a more meaningful way. As an activity and a hobby, fishing can be relaxing and rejuvenating. Take advantage of these opportunities to create new memories for future generations and combine fun time with family and friends with your fishing photos on Glitter Canvas.

You may be wondering, how?

We suggest you hang beautifully designed Glitter Canvas Photo - Prints on your home or workplace walls to remind you of the amazing time you had fishing! Take pictures and fish during the day when there is plenty of good light. If you simply want a couple of pictures of you with your companions and the catch you caught, you can take them to use on Glitter Canvases. You will be able to talk about your special moments for years without running out of conversational points, not to mention the endless pleasure you receive when you relive them.

Fisherman on a glitter canvas

At home or at work

You could hang your fishing trip photographs with pride. Glitter Canvases with prints of fishing photos make excellent keepsakes, or gift them as keepsakes to friends and family. It is often the case that fishing Glitter Canvas prints bring to life the texture, details, and richness of the surroundings as the sparkle from the Diamond Dust enhances the image. Displaying Glitter Canvases at any location is easy due to their non-glare and panoramic nature. An affordable price and unique sparkly look make Glitter Canvas - Photo Prints an exceptional way to remember an excellent day!

Learn a few simple tricks and you can take amazing photos

Photographing the scenic views, capturing the excitement when a fish is caught, and taking close-up photographs of your catch with your friends can all make for wonderful fishing trip stories that can be preserved in print and enjoyed for a long time. To make the prints and photos stand out as much as possible, be sure to take as many pictures as possible from various angles. This article outlines 6 easy steps to help you finally get the quality fishing photos you have always wanted printed on a Glitter Canvas that you can have for a nice wall feature!

1. Don't let your camera or smartphone get wet

If you're fishing you can have a hard time keeping your phone or camera dry. When on the water, you probably reach out for a drink or sunblock and you get it dirty or wet. Despite the fact that you had an epic fishing trip, you are left with a photo that doesn't capture that feeling. It is a good idea to separate your phone and camera from sunblock and other liquids in your rucksack. It's understandable - sometimes you just can't spare the time. It is possible, however, to get better photos by exerting a little effort. To avoid lens fogging, always dry well and check the lens before taking a photo. When you're out on a fishing trip, you may not be able to take your camera or phone to a professional for cleaning. To avoid damage to your lens, make sure to pack lens tissues with you. If something gets on the lens, lens tissues are an affordable and effective way to clean it.

2. Don't break your rule of thirds

Taking photos is usually done by following the rule of thirds. How can it be interpreted? In other words, divide your image in thirds both horizontally and vertically. As a result, you will have nine portions: All you have to do is align your photo elements - in your case the fish, yourself, your fishing gear, the landscape, etc - along these lines or at intersection points. Eyes tend to gravitate towards one of these points/lines rather than searching straight forward for the centre. Occasionally it's possible to find an excellent photo that should be in the middle of the frame. In this case, almost all the crucial elements - angler and fish - are centred around the middle, which can be equally effective.

3. Photo Tip: Get Rid of Clutter

It's usually a good idea to take a photo with a minimal amount of subjects. Check the screen of your camera or smartphone before taking a picture. The fizzy drink you have in your hand is next to your catch, is that right? Does it need to be there? What if someone else walks into the frame of your precious photograph? You should consider these things before you take a photo. Photographers must consider the entire effect when taking photos. Anglers need to appear really good in photos; their clothes must contrast with the water behind, and the fish they just caught should look great. Also, the angler should be smiling, and the colours in the photo must be vibrant. It's time to take the shot, but don't forget this simple trick: remove any clutter and unnecessary items. Plus, if you were to take a step back, you might manage to snap a photograph with beautiful scenery in the background, as well as the fish and angler together in the picture.

fisherman holding the fish he has caught

4. Make Sure the sun is behind you when taking a photo

Getting a fish silhouette is not what you want. Do not point your camera into direct sunlight. A good fishing picture could have been captured, but the direct sunlight would have obscured the details. Seeing the angler would be difficult, the fish scales will appear nowhere near as beautiful as they did before, and the colours become less vibrant. While taking a photo of your friend, position yourself so the sun is behind you. There will be plenty of light which allows you to capture all the colours while avoiding overexposure. Alternatively, you can take your shot when a cloud blocks the direct sunlight this prevents the subjects from squinting in the photo.

fisherman holding a fish

5. Both hands should be used to hold the fish securely but gently

Please make sure you don't harm the fins or gills of your catch if you intend to release it. The key is to not hold the fish by its jaw or squeeze it too tightly in the middle of its body. They were designed to move horizontally, and that's the way they should continue to do so. Ensure that your hands do not touch any fins. A good photo is important, but more importantly, it's crucial to keep the fish safe so he or she can survive after you return him or her to the water.

fishing tackle

6. Focus on the story, not just the fish

When you catch your first fish, it is easy to forget about everything else about your fishing trip. I hope you'll capture the whole experience because, trust me, you will regret it once you get back home if not. I love catching Sea Bass, but the simple fish picture does not represent the whole fishing trip. Most of the fishing experience is missing, as we see only the fish. Random photos of you casting a line and reeling in your catch, or any methods you had to use to catch your fish,, among other things, all of these can be used to illustrate your fishing adventure. Your fishing trip is a memory you should not forget. Was the weather nice or bad? Were you fishing from a boat? Did you cast from a beach in the middle of a beautiful landscape or fish far offshore? Did you have any mates there? How did you look? What kind of equipment did you use? Was it a live bait or a lure? It is fantastic to see a picture of a really handsome fish, but it also instantly inspires us to create a story around it. How do these anglers catch their fish? What is their fishing location? Weather-wise, how is it? What was the method of catching Sea Bass? Creating the right scene will help you come up with a photo that will capture the moment perfectly and you will remember the trip for the rest of your life.

fishermen fishing from a rock

Try these fishing photography tips the next time you go fishing

Your photos will improve dramatically! We live in a virtual world today, and our homes and offices are one of the few places left that can truly show who we are through photographs. With every product we make, we want to show our love for it. Personalise your space by working with us. How would you describe your favourite fishing photo? What tips would you like to share about fishing photography? Tell us in the comments what you think. Discover how you can bring your memories to life and have that perfect picture printed on a Glitter Canvas that you can be proud of in our Online Shop >