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Gallery Wrapped Canvas Prints

This is an explanation of some of the most common canvas wrap options you can choose from online at when printing your photos on canvas and why we don't use Gallery Wrap.

Gallery Wrap Options For Wall Art

Often, we are asked why we do not offer gallery wrapped sides on our Diamond Dust Glitter Canvases. The reason is quite simple!

Gallery Wrap

Gallery Wraps - What Are They? An image is printed on both the front and edges of the canvas and then wrapped around a wooden frame so that the outer margin of the image is visible around the sides. The Gallery Wrap used to be one of the most popular options for wrapping canvases.

Gallery Wrap

Due to the Gallery Wrap's inability to handle photos with details adjacent to or at the very edges, like this photo, we found ourselves using it less and less frequently. Occasionally, these Important details would be cut off and wrapped in an undesirable manner around the sides of the stretcher frame, obscuring them when the canvas was viewed from the front.

Mirror Wrap

Mirror Wrap

We offer Mirror Wraps at Touch Of Glass Prints as this is the perfect way to enhance your photo while not removing any important details. On the front of the canvas, the image is displayed in its entirety and the margins of the surrounding photo are copied, mirrored, and then reproduced, then printed on the sides of the canvas. Our design team checks to make sure any undesirable results are cloned away so the edges appear more natural. An especially useful feature of this wrap is that no photo detail will be lost at the very edge, resulting in a high-quality subtle mirrored effect.

solid white edged canvas

White Sides

The front of your canvas is printed with your image, while the sides are left unprinted, retaining their original white hue. By choosing to leave the sides of the canvas plain, the canvas gains a striking, three-dimensional border. Typically used with monochrome photos and when other ways to present photos could not possibly be effective.

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