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How to Upload Photos for Printing to Canvas?

Many of our customers ask, "Why was my photo not acceptable and what is the best resolution to print on canvas?"

While not all our customers will have access to photo editing software, or be aware of the types and requirements of files when uploading photos for canvas printing, we are here to help. Our design team has compiled a few simple tips in order to ensure our canvas printing customers get the best results.

Should I use a particular file format for my images? uses the JPEG format most frequently, as it is the standard format found on phones, computers, and other devices. As the JPEG format incorporates the greatest combination of file size and image quality, it is our preferred format. The PDF format is also a common file type we get asked about when uploading print files. PDF is not used by Touch Of Glass Prints or recommended by us as it is not necessary when printing on canvas, and on many devices, photos and images are not stored as PDF files by default, requiring them to be converted and thereby complicating the process. It is also not significant in enhancing the quality of a photograph or uploading process; thus, it is of no benefit.

When I choose black and white for the print on canvas, does the colour image have to be uploaded as black and white?

In simple terms, no, we do this for you free of charge, but if you are going to do this yourself, be sure to upload any black & white photos as monochrome image files to avoid any undesirable colour effects.

Therefore, what should the optimal resolution be?

Touch Of Glass Prints calculates the minimum image size and maximum acceptable enlargement size for use on your canvas by using the following calculations:

Our Square Orientation Canvas minimums. These are only the maximum enlargements based on the minimum pixel requirements per canvas size; if your image already exceeds the minimums, then you will have more options available for your enlargement.

Height(cm)15 × Width(cm)15 = Min resolution 400 x 400px = Max. canvas size 20 x 20cm Height(cm)20 × Width(cm)20 = Min resolution 500 x 500px = Max. canvas size 20 x 20cm Height(cm)25 × Width(cm)25 = Min resolution 600 x 600px = Max. canvas size 30 x 30cm Height(cm)30 × Width(cm)30 = Min resolution 700 x 700px = Max. canvas size 30 x 30cm Height(cm)51 × Width(cm)51 = Min resolution 1200 x 1200px = Max. canvas size 51 x 51cm

Our Landscape/Portrait Orientation (just reverse the figures for Portraits)Canvas minimums. Height(cm)20 × Width(cm)25 = Min resolution 500 x 600px=Max canvas size 20 x 30cm Height(cm)25 × Width(cm)30 = Min resolution 600 x 700px=Max canvas size 30 x 30cm Height(cm)30 × Width(cm)40 = Min resolution 700 x 900px=Max canvas size 30 x 40cm Height(cm)40 × Width(cm)51 = Min resolution900x 1200px=Max canvas size 40 x 51cm Height(cm)51 × Width(cm)76 = Min resolution1200 x 1800px=Max canvas size 51 x 80cm Height(cm)76 × Width(cm)101 = Min resolution 1800 x 2400px=Max canvas size 80 x 101cm

For clarification, if you are unsure of how to upload your photo or which canvas size will work best for your photo, you can always get in touch @ Contact Support.