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The Big Day! - The Wedding Day

It has been said that the big day, the wedding day, is among the most important days of a couple's life. An average wedding planning process can last for months and even years - from deciding the wedding menu to picking out wedding rings, dresses for bridesmaids, suits for grooms, to choosing the cake and seating arrangements. The big day often brings families together after months or years of separation, since people come from everywhere to celebrate. Two people in love are brought together during a wedding. Neither of you will forget this experience for the rest of your lives! Keeping these precious moments forever is easy with Glitter Canvas prints.

4 Amazing Wedding Glitter Canvas Ideas To Inspire You:

glitter canvas - wedding vows

1. Personalised Glitter Canvas with your wedding vows

If you created your own vows, it's likely that you spent hours thinking about the best way to say what you feel. When you hang a canvas with your wedding vows, they stay with you every day and remind you of why you truly do love each other. It doesn't matter if you choose a simple calligraphy canvas with only your vows written on it, or a beautiful image of you and your spouse, scribbling your vows on canvas is a beautiful way to commemorate your wedding. See our Glitter Canvas -

Wedding Vows here!

glitter canvas

2. Print a Glitter Canvas with your favourite wedding photo

Show the world how happy you and your partner are by taking a picture of your marriage! Having a huge photo of you two can be a stunning, heartfelt message that speaks volumes about your love for each other! There is a picture for every moment of your wedding, from the first step down the aisle to the first kiss together as newlyweds! The canvas would look wonderful in a living room or bedroom. You might also consider doing smaller canvases? You can order our Glitter Canvas prints in sizes starting at 15x15cm, so you could hang three portraits in a row in your living room, your bedroom, or an entrance. A rectangle can also be created by grouping six prints together. See our Glitter Canvas - with a single Image here!

glitter canvas wedding fist dance

3. Your first dance on a Glitter Canvas

It is a common practice for newlyweds to dance for the very first time as a married couple during the wedding reception. In the midst of all the fun, eating, drinking, dancing, and other activities taking place on that day, it is easy to forget about that special moment. A special song may have been the inspiration for your first dance, why not make the song you danced to a piece of sparkly artwork? By beautifully placing a few pictures into love heart shapes and one of you two dancing to your song, it presents a beautiful tribute to your new love! See our

Glitter Canvas - Wedding First Dance here!

glitter canvas wedding collages

4. Glitter Canvas Collages

In addition to displaying pictures of the two of you, consider the images of your family, friends, grandparents, etc. Glitter Canvas prints of collages are the ideal way to achieve this. For a more balanced collage, consider including decorative images captured by your photographer (i.e., pictures of flowers, cake toppers, and table runners) as a way to break up images of people. As a bonus, this is a great way to remember all the work you put into the details of your wedding.

See Our Glitter Canvas - Collage here!

glitter canvases - wedding


Whether you want to hang it above your bed, hang it in the hallway or keep it on your bookshelf, you can pick the right size for your customised Glitter Canvas prints at Touch Of Glass Prints. The canvas you choose, whether it's a small, medium, large, portrait, landscape, or a square configuration, It will be the focal point in any room!

See this Glitter Canvas - Wedding design here!

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