Glitter Canvases - Football Collage

Glitter Canvases - Football Shaped Prints 

With Diamond Dust, this product sparkles. 

Prices range from £38.00 to £66.00 on hand and in stock.

Getting started is easy - Design yours now!  Our Glitter Canvases - Football Shaped Prints are a fabulous way to display your love of the greatest game on earth.The Glitter Canvases can be personalised with nineteen photos of your choosing, with a title or name at the top and dates/text at the bottom. The Glitter Canvases are finished in Diamond Dust with pure white edges in square orientation, and there are a variety of other options available. It can be customised to your taste by using photos of a team your support, the team you play for, or the team you once played for back in the day! We use diamond dust, poly-cotton canvas, and stretcher bars of the highest quality when creating our artwork. Stretcher bars are supplied by companies that use renewable natural resources. The frames are preassembled, and a hanging kit is included with every Glitter Canvas.

A note on Glitter Canvases - Football Shaped Prints

In some cases, we may post a photo of your completed Glitter Canvases - Football Shaped Prints on our website or social media profile to demonstrate the quality of our work. If you do not wish us to do this for any reason, please put a note on your order at checkout.

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Glitter Canvases - Football Shaped Prints

PriceFrom £38.00