Glitter canvas wedding collage

Glitter Canvases - Wedding Collage  

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Print your favourite wedding photos on a Glitter Canvas and create your own wedding collage! You can select up to twelve individual photographs of your choice to be incorporated into the design of the Wedding Collage of your choice! We finish all of our Glitter Canvases - Wedding Collages in a layer of Diamond Dust, and leave the edges in their natural colour of pure white. Additionally, a variety of options are available to allow you to personalise them the way you like. The beautiful sparkly wall art we offer is designed with Diamond Dust, Poly-Cotton canvas, and stretcher bars that are made with the best materials on the market. The natural resources used in making stretcher bars are from renewable sources. Home assembly is not required for these canvas frames, and hanging kits are included with every purchase of these Glitter Canvases - Wedding Collage. 

A note about Glitter Canvases - Wedding Collage.

In some cases, we may post a photo of your completed Glitter Canvases - Wedding Collage on our website or social media profile to demonstrate the quality of our work. If you do not wish us to do this for any reason, please put a note on your order at checkout.

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Glitter Canvases - Wedding Collage

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